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Cube Culture: Music and martial arts

by Jason Wilson

I am interested in how I can use the current technology to produce music. However, since I am not a musician, my performance will be an abnormal one. Having studied martial arts for the past seven years, I have developed a great love for live martial arts performances, including competitions, skits, and demonstrations. A special interest of mine is choreographing a series of techniques into a kata and synchronizing it with music. In these performances, I have taken an already created piece of music and placed techniques in correspondence to the music. In this project, I intend to do the opposite. As I perform techniques, the sensors will detect my
movements, and then the resulting signals will be mapped to digital music. This will result in a martial arts kata being synchronized to music, a very similar result to what I had before.


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TouchMicro-10 v1.0
TouchMicro-10 v1.0
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