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Cube Culture: 4Walls

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by Lucas Bambozzi

This project is an experience related to the public and private use of shared urban spaces. based on interactions using the body as an input to control video-sequences, it uses moving images and real objects to bring into view conflicts of the human relationships usually hidden by ordinary public situations. It is about simulation. Simulation of emotions that people usually avoid in social life. There is the intention to show what it is to act as an intruder in a private space. Messing up watching and being watched, observing and being observed...

Some notes about the implementation: Different inside domestic ambients (ie. lounges, living rooms and bedrooms) are rear-projected in a window. As the visitor gets closer the window, s/he changes the narrative intensity. Eventually there is more interaction, as the visitor is about to violate one's privacy. There are 4 levels of interaction between the visitor and the images. Each level has a different narrative intensity with a particular way of interaction. Each ambient reproduces ordinary actions that happens in four-walls situations (solitude, anguish, repeated movements, non-sense actions at first sight); (the window have an opaque thin film that allows the glasses to receive the video-images).The installation uses MAX/MSP + simple NATO + I-CubeX + proximity sensor from Infusion Systems.

8 September 2003

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