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I-CubeX sensor control interface for education, research, music, art, dance, multimedia show and entertainment.
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StarterPack $176.93US
2 - 9 : $168.08US ( save 5% )
10 + : $159.24US ( save 10% )
excl. sales tax

Create your own interactive installation art, responsive environment or alternate musical controller ! The I-CubeX environment enables you to do just that. It is designed to enable you to use sensors for controlling multimedia content. With the I-CubeX, translate sensor signals with high resolution into MIDI messages. Then, send these MIDI messages to a variety of MIDI devices (eg. MIDI-aware software programs, sound modules) that control sound synthesis, graphical animation, video effects, etc.. Voilà !

Application examples

  1. With the ReachClose sensor, create a Theremin-alike MIDI controller that turns your mere handwaving into soundeffects. See this Theremin emulator video !
  2. Also with the ReachClose, make your interactive art installation aware of visitors when they approach. Add a Touch sensor to allow visitors to change ambient sounds and visuals or as a lighting controller.
  3. With the Touch sensor, extend your guitar to tweak your strumming with a subtle caress. See this Hyper Guitar video !
  4. With the Turn, Touch and ReachClose, prototype a physical control surface for your favourite MIDI software.
  5. Get hands-on and interface your own sensor using a HackCable.

What you get

The I-CubeX StarterPack includes a USB-microDig analog to digital converter, a USB-microMIDICable, a USB-microBattery and a USB-microGlobalAdapter for use world-wide, a ReachClose sensor, a Touch sensor, a Turn sensor and a HackCable-1. A variety of software is available from our website to apply the USB-microSystem in your project - please check the USB-microDig page, and browse our resource page for more solutions. Here's how to get started.

More options

For more inputs and resolution, as well as the ability to control actuators, check out the System. For a thumb-sized, faster and wireless version, check out the Wi-microSystem. To capture more of the real world check these sensors !

Need more info ?

For more in-depth information, read about the USB-microDig.

This page was updated on Wednesday 18 June 2014.
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