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ioCube Touchdesigner plugin v1.x

For more sensor mapping and actuator control complexity, use your I-CubeX digitizer with the ioCube plugin for Touchdesigner on MacOS and Windows. The ioCube Touchdesigner node is a software module that facilitates the configuration of a digitizer and processes its sensor data so that it's ready for use in a Touchdesigner project, network or inside another node. It can also control the digitizer outputs and the connected actuators. Use Touchdesigner for free unless you are using it commercially.


19 Aug 2019: ioCube Touchdesigner plugin v1.00 for MacOS and Windows.

System requirements

  • Touchdesigner for MacOS or Windows.
  • A digitizer with firmware v6.0 or higher, including applicable drivers.

    • The USB-microDig requires a USB interface and drivers.
    • The Wi-microDig requires a Bluetooth interface, eg. the BluetoothAdapter, with drivers.
    • The WiDig requires a USB interface and drivers or a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface, with drivers.

Manuals and tutorials

  • Consult the support wiki and try the referenced example projects.
  • The ioCube was released at the Sensors & Touchdesigner workshop during the Touchdesigner Summit in Montreal on 19 August 2019. See this workshop guide for a summary.
  • WiDig with firmware 8.11 or higher and USB-microDig with firmware 7.61 or higher are fully supported. Any older digitizer that communicates via a virtual serial port and is running its latest firmware version can still be used with ioCube but some features will not work. Digitizers that communicate via MIDI or BLE-MIDI cannot be used with ioCube (yet).


  • Sync ioCube node internal status data to the digitizer that's connected.
  • Configure analog as well as digital (I2C) sensors.
  • Output digital (I2C) sensor data in physical units of measurement.
  • Configure binary, pulse width modulated (PWM) as well as digital (I2C) actuators.
  • Full command set for configuring a digitizer in host mode.
  • Compatible with WiDig with firmware 8.11 or higher and USB-microDig with firmware 7.61 or higher.
  • Auto configuration restore: automatic configuration re-load after a digitizer power cycle.
  • Digitizer version support: digitizer firmware and hardware are checked by ioCube.

Known issues

Please notify us if you encounter a bug or issue.

  • Digitizers that communicate via MIDI or BLE-MIDI cannot be used with ioCube (yet).
  • Older digitizers that communicate via a virtual serial port and are running their latest firmware version can be used with ioCube but some features will not work. For instance USB-microDigs with firmware 7.4 only support analog sensors and a few digital sensors whilst on Wi-microDigs no outputs can be configured and even fewer digital sensors are supported.
  • On Windows, due to a Touchdesigner issue, ioCube will only list virtual serial (COM) ports 1 thru 9 even when Windows enumerates more ports. If the digitizer is represented on your computer as a COM port with a higher number, either remove some COM ports or go into the ioCube node and access the Serial OP to select the serial port.
  • On Windows, due to a Touchdesigner issue, running multiple instances of ioCube, either within a Touchdesigner project or in multiple instances of Touchdesigner may result in a virtual serial port error when trying to connect to a digitizer.
  • When changing the pulse interval or pulse width with the slider, the value will not change as expected due to processing delays. Use the number field instead to set the values.
  • When the serial port menu in the Digitizer parameter page is accessed for a longer than normal time, Touchdesigner may become unresponsive or even crash and will then need to be force-quit (on MacOS) or terminated using the Task manager (on Windows). Select the serial port quickly to avoid this issue.

This page was updated on Thursday 22 August 2019.
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