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Resources: TouchGlove manual
What it does

The TouchGlove is a 6-channel pressure-sensing device you wear (left or right versions available). Connected to the I-CubeX Digitizer, you can program the TouchGlove to become a fingertip controller for drum machines. Or use it to sense just how much pressure is required to pickup a cup of coffee. A very expressive and natural sensor. Each TouchGlove has 6 pressure sensors - one on each fingertip and one on the palm. Note that it does not sense the amount of flex (bending) of the fingers, and that the cup of coffee is not included.

To use the TouchGlove

  1. Plug the TouchGlove's cable into a series of six I-CubeX Digitizer Inputs with the Top of the connector plug facing upwards.

  2. Connect the I-CubeX Digitizer to the MIDI In and Out ports of your computer. Power up the I-CubeX Digitizer and run the I-CubeX editor.

  3. Turn on the six channels (or fewer if you only want to detect certain fingers) on the editor making sure it is set to receive the Inputs to which the Touch Glove is connected.

  4. Check that the I-CubeX Digitizer is sending sensor data when a finger is pressed (the green MIDI out indicator should flicker). If it doesn't, check your connections (re-check step 3 and/or refer to your I-CubeX manual, and/or your I-CubeX technical document).

  5. The sensor / finger arrangement for a Right-handed glove is as in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Arrangement of contact-pressure sensors in the TouchGlove.

Caring for your TouchGlove

Care must be taken not to fold the sensors inside the glove. While they are very flexible, if they are folded they may activate even if no pressure is being applied to the sensor. For example, making a tight fist while wearing the TouchGlove could damage the sensors. The TouchGlove and its sensors aren't waterproof so don't immerse in water.

Those that are truly cyber-mutants may wish to wear their TouchGloves in chilly weather, using the cable as a string up their sleeve so they can't lose their Gloves. This might not be good for the TouchGlove, as the sensors will become less flexible in extreme cold. Similarly, the TouchGlove (made of Nylon) is not appropriate for extreme heat.

TouchGlove FAQ

Q: I've put on the TouchGlove and connected it to the Digitizer. Each sensor sends out a value of 127 (or nearby). What am I doing wrong?

A: Your connections are upside-down. Unplug the TouchGlove and connect it with the TouchGlove label and Infusion Systems logo facing the top.

Q: It seems that each time I use the TouchGlove, it sends different sensor values (when my hand if fully extended - all fingers straight).This limits its response. What can I do

A: As a rule of thumb, set each sensor's (5 fingers and palm) input threshold (thresh. (standalone mode) / inmin (host mode)) to 20 steps above its relaxed state (when your fingers are straight). First try a setting of 0, and observe the monitored values (they should be near 0), raise the threshold for each sensor until each sensor outputs 0 in its relaxed state. Then raise the threshold another 20 steps.

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