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RMA procedure

We're sorry to hear that one or more products you purchased from us are not working to your satisfaction and you're considering returning the item(s) to us.

Returning the unit to us would allow us to inspect it, so that we can confirm that it is not working correctly, or whether there is actually a misunderstanding about how it is supposed to work. If we can confirm that it is malfunctioning, we will try to determine whether the malfunctioning was caused by a manufacturing error, damage from shipping or your (possibly unintentionally incorrect) use. To return the unit read the section "Return procedure" as well as the section "Resolution".

If you'd like to obtain a new unit before resolution of your case, please proceed with ordering it through our website. But before doing so, please read the section "Resolution".

Before you return the item(s) ..

  1. If the unit appears to have been damaged due to shipping, please provide us with further details including photos of all parts of the original packaging.
  2. Please make sure that no solution to the issue could be found by communicating with our technical support department (eg. by emailing our technical support department) and/or using the resources on our website. Check the communication you have had with us thusfar as well as our online resources to convince yourself that you have eliminated any chance of resolving the issue this way. Please make sure you understand the functionality, capability and specifications of the unit to eliminate any misunderstanding about how the unit is supposed to work.

Return procedure

  1. Use any shipping method (note reimbursement policy in the section "Resolution" below), to ship the unit to us at:

    Infusion Systems Ltd.
    2033 Vendome Avenue
    Montreal, QC

  2. Create the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number as "RMA XXXX-DDMMYY", where "XXXX" is the invoice number and "DDMMYY" is the date you first contacted us about the issue.
  3. Make sure to write the RMA number on the outside of the package, eg. on the address label, or the package may be refused by us.
  4. Make sure to fill out a customs declaration form with the following information:

    Description: Return of defective unit to manufacturer
    Harmonized Tariff Code: 9813.00.00.95

    Omission of this information may result in the charging of import taxes and duties by the Canadian Customs agency. The best way to avoid such charges from occurring is to put the value for customs at $1 per item. We will refuse any RMA shipments for which we are charged import taxes and duties unless you make arrangements with us before delivery that will allow us to charge the fees to you.


  • When the unit has been received by us, and analysis demonstrates that the unit is malfunctioning and that the defect is due to a manufacturing error or damage from shipping and that we were contacted about this issue within 10 business days after your receipt of the unit following your purchase, a replacement unit will be sent to you unless you had already ordered a replacement unit in which case the amount billed to you for the replacement unit including shipping cost will be reversed and your credit card credited, or, if you have a pending order, the credit can be applied to this order. Let us know which method you prefer, if applicable. The shipping cost for returning the unit to us can be credited to your account as well if you provide us with a valid receipt, but only up to a maximum equal to regular untracked postal letter mail unless we agree otherwise. We can provide you with this maximum amount upon request.
  • If no manufacturing error or damage due to shipping was found, or we were contacted about this issue later than 10 business days after your receipt of the unit following your purchase, or the unit was found to be defective due to your (possibly unintentionally incorrect) use, we will contact you to ask you if you would like us to have it repaired and/or sent back to you, at your cost.
  • If the unit was found to work correctly and that hence the reported malfunctioning was due to a misunderstanding about how the unit is supposed to work, we will contact you to ask you if you would like us to have it sent back to you, at your cost, unless we were contacted about this issue within 10 business days after your receipt of the unit following your purchase, in which case you can request a refund or an exchange for another product.

For reference, please read our sales policy. We look forward to resolving the issue.

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