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In the Picture

The I-CubeX road show ? Hell no, our beloved customers show our products all over the world much better than we could ever dream of. Nevertheless, we do come out of our hiding place sometimes because it's great to meet and greet our customers. Or simply because it's fun to use our own gear and go wild at a party ! And then there's some folks who appear to get a high out of interviewing us. Here's to an I-Cubiquitous world !

I-Cubist social media

I-Cubist event log (see our calendar for upcoming events)

I-Cubist publications

  • Electronic Musician (pages 58-60 8/00)
  • Loop (page 12 2/00)
  • Electronic Musician (page 56 12/99)
  • Shift (page 29 12/99)
  • New Music Box (issue 10/99)
  • Aqui (issue 14/7/99)
  • O Globo (p1+4 issue 7/6/99)
  • Metropolis (pages 118-129 6/99)
  • Source Magazine (5/99)
  • Electronic Musician (pages 90-91 9/97)
  • Wired (page 64 1/97, see also here)
  • Keyboard (page 22 1/97)
  • Computer Music Journal (pages 112-113 winter/96)
  • Sound on Sound (page 24 11/96)
  • Future Music (page page 7 no 50 '96)
  • Proceedings ISEA 95 (pages 107-112 '95)
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