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22 Feb 2022
The palindromic, ambigramic update.
It's a bit of special day, and not just because today's date is a palindrome as well as an ambigram: the date reads the same from left to right, from right to left and upside down.

So yes, special, but also because it's been a while since we released software updates: there are new versions of EditorX and Connect, both available for MacOS and Windows.

To make use of the new features of EditorX update the firmware of your WiDig to version 8.20 and WiConnect 1.20 or your USB-microDig to version 7.70.

If you're on MacOS, update the firmware with Connect. If you're on Windows, use FirmwareX. While you're at it, make sure your USB drivers are up to date as well.

New in this I-CubeX toolchain release:

- Map sensor input to 14-bit Control Change MIDI message pairs.
- Support for Orient5D and VoltD sensors.
- Support for CVolt and DriveM actuators.
- Improved and new methods for BioAirD, Magnetic3D, Orient4D and ReachOnD.
- Channel Voice MIDI message mapping to actuators. Send any of the MIDI messages that a sensor is mapped to, while I-O mapping is enabled, to the digitizer and control the actuator even if the sensor is turned off.
- Single pulse actuator output: turn an actuator on and it will turn off after a user-defined time, and vice-versa.

Any questions, contact us !

17 Jan 2022
Since I-CubeX is all about real-time response and interaction, latency is the keyword. The developer of the WiDig and PiShield just completed his PhD thesis on this topic. Congratulations Dr. Johnty Wang !

14 May 2021
Python is one of the most popular programming languages. We have added a few Python code examples to get you going with I-CubeX digitizers. Try them out and let us know if you have any questions !

12 Feb 2021
Cryptocurrencies now accepted
We have added cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to the list of currencies we accept your payment in. Ask us about it.

20 Oct 2020
There are new versions of Connect for both Windows and MacOS.

These new versions fix a number of issues and implement "dark mode": turn on/off the MIDI in/out and power LEDs to save power and for less visible presence of the digitizer on stage or in an installation. Requires a digitizer with firmware 6.41, 7.41, 7.62 or 8.12 (see FirmwareX). The WiDig also requires new WiConnect v1.104 software.

Connect is the "swiss knife" of I-CubeX sensor input and actuator control:

- Configure and control digitizer sensor inputs and actuator outputs.
- Output sensor data as MIDI, OSC, web GET or POST requests, or save it as a file.

It also works with Arduino devices that run our iCubino sketch.

Go and capture that motion to control those media !
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