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Xplorer $5,735.72US
excl. sales tax

The I-CubeX Xplorer is a universal tool for anyone needing to instrument people, animals, objects and spaces with sensors and (wirelessly, if needed) obtain measurement data for analysis and/or control. With almost 20 years of experience in real-time sensor data gathering, I-CubeX is renowned for its ease of use, its variety of sensors and its robustness. It is widely used as a tool for prototyping, experimentation and research. We can offer a significant discount on the purchase of an I-CubeX Xplorer, read below.

In science, use I-CubeX to obtain human performance data, study animal and human responses to environments that change depending on the sensor data or use it to teach scientific laws.
In engineering, use I-CubeX to develop prototypes of interactive products, create innovative control surfaces enabling new ways to interact with multimedia or use it to guide students in the field of sensor technology.
In the arts, create a responsive environment, build an alternate musical controller, develop novel interactive media pieces or use it to teach about interactive art.

The I-CubeX environment enables you to do all that. It is designed to enable you to use sensors for data measurement and controlling multimedia content. With the I-CubeX, use its wide variety of sensors in your measurement or control application and translate sensor signals with high resolution into digital messages that can be transmitted wirelessly and in real-time to a computer. These messages are easily analysed with (scientific) data processing software. If you're looking for control or interactivity, send these messages to a variety of devices and/or software programs that control sound synthesis, graphical animation, video effects, etc.. Voilà !

The I-CubeX sensor range covers acceleration, tilt, orientation, touch contact pressure, touch position, impact, vibration, distance, proximity, movement, linear positon, rotation, angular velocity, flexion, bio signals, weight as well as air pressure, humidity, temperature, loudness and illumination.

Application examples

  • Instrument a tennisracket (or any other batting device) with a Bang sensor and a GForce3D-6 sensor and study the hitting behaviour of tennisplayers. See this video ! You can even add a BioVolt sensor to correlate the muscle tension to the other sensor data. Transmit the data wirelessly with the Wi-microSystem.
  • Study human balance given a variety of visual environments with 4 TapTile sensors which data controls a variety of visual effects. See also this BalanceTile demo video.
  • Detect animal displacements with invisible breakbeams made of SeeLaser-IR actuators and Flash sensors.
  • Develop your own human motion capture system using BendMicro, BendMini, BendShort sensors.
  • Build robotics devices with perimeter detection using the Advance and ReachClose sensors.
  • Create a climate control system with the Air, Hot and Light sensors. Use the outputs of the WiSystem to turn on/off Switches.
  • With the Reach sensor create a novel control surface where merely pointing towards an object is enough to exert control. See this Interactive picture frame video !
  • With the Turn, Push, Push3D, Slide-150, Slide-500, Touch, TouchMicro, TouchMini, TouchMiniOn, TouchStrip and ReachClose, prototype a physical control surface for your favourite software. Interface all the sensors with a WiSystem.
  • Get hands-on technical and interface your own sensor using a HackCable-01, HackCable-05, HackCable2D or HackCable3D, .
  • Innovate game playing by designing your own game controller using a GForce3D and a few TouchMiniOn sensors.
  • Make a laserharp with breakbeams made of Flash sensors and SeeLaser actuators.
  • With the ReachClose and Touch sensors, create a Theremin-alike MIDI controller that turns your mere handwaving into soundeffects. See this Theremin emulator video !
  • With the MoveOn make your interactive art installation aware of visitors and with the ReachFar and/or ReachClose detect how close they approach. Hide Reach sensors in objects so that mere proximity of a visitor's hand creates a response. Detect how loud your visitors are talking using the Loud. Add a Touch sensor to allow visitors to change ambient sounds and visuals or as a lighting controller.
  • With the Touch, ReachClose and Turn sensors, extend your guitar to tweak your strumming with a subtle caress, a flick of the wrist or a different finger position. See this Hyper Guitar video !
Check out our demo section for more videos and applications.

What you get

The I-CubeX Xplorer includes

Sensor Interfaces
QtyProduct NameDescription
4WiSystemmobile wireless sensor interface kit (incl. USB-Battery)
4PiShieldRaspberry Pi sensor interface shield
QtyProduct NameDescription
1Advance-6456.45 m distance sensor
1Airairpressure sensor
1Air2Ddigital airpressure and temperature sensor
1Angle360º rotation angle sensor
1AngleDdigital rotation angle sensor
2Bangimpact sensor
2BendMicro5 mm flexion sensor
2BendMini36 mm flexion sensor
4BendShort61 mm flexion sensor
1BioAirDbreathing sensor
1BioBeatanalog heartbeat sensor
1BioBeat3Ddigital heartbeat, oxygenation and temperature sensor
1BioEmoGSR sensor
1BioVoltECG, EOG and (facial) EMG sensor
1BioElectrodesBioVolt electrode 6-pack
4Flashillumination intensity sensor
2FlashOnon/off illumination sensor
1Flowliquid/gas flow speed sensor
2GForce3D-63D acceleration and inclination sensor
1Hottemperature sensor
2HotSpot2Ddigital remote temperature sensor
1Humidhumidity sensor
2Light v2.1illumination intensity sensor
1Light2Ddigital illumination intensity sensor
1Loudsound loudness sensor
1LoungeOnlarge seat sensor
1Magnetic3Ddigital magnetic field sensor
2MagneticOnon/off magnetic field sensor
1Moistanalog moisture sensor
1Moist3Ddigital moisture, light and temperature sensor
2MoveOn v1.4on/off motion sensor
2MoveMiniOn v1.7small on/off motion sensor
2MoveOn v1.8multi-option on/off motion sensor
2MoveThruOn v2.1thru-wall on/off motion sensor
2Orient4Ddigital orientation sensor
2Push-06060 mm fader
1Push-100100 mm fader
1Push2DMinimini joystick
1Push3Dsmall joystick with button
2PushMiniOnslide switch
2ReachClose1.5 m optical proximity sensor
2ReachCloseD2 m digital optical proximity sensor
2ReachFar5.5 m optical proximity sensor
2ReachFarD4 m digital optical proximity sensor
1ReachIDRFID sensor
4ReachMiniOnsmall capacitive proximity sensor
4ReachOncapacitive proximity sensor
1ReachOnDdigital 12-input capacitive proximity sensor
1Rock (red)red on/off rocker switch
2Slide-05050 mm contact position sensor
2Slide-150150 mm contact position sensor
2Slide-500500 mm contact position sensor
1Slide-750750 mm contact position sensor
2SlideRoundcircular contact position sensor
1Stretchelastic relative motion sensor
1Swipe3Ddigital gesture sensor
1TapOnfoot switch
4TapTileweight sensor
4Touchcontact pressure sensor
2TouchMicro-055 mm ø contact pressure sensor
2TouchMicro-1010 mm ø contact pressure sensor
2TouchMini13 mm ø contact pressure sensor
2TouchMiniOn v3.0on/off button
2TouchMiniOn v4.0on/off button with LED
2TouchStrip61 cm contact pressure sensor
2Turn300º rotation sensor
1Vibevibration amplitude sensor
2Voltanalog voltage sensor
1Wetrain sensor
10Wearabilitysensor body mount
QtyProduct NameDescription
1Buzzpiezo buzzer
1Drive-FR120Nmotor controller
1FeelVibe v1.5PWM tactile actuator
1FeelVibe v2.0digital tactile actuator
1SeeIrIR LED indicator
1SeeLaser-BlueWidewide-beam blue laser module
1SeeLaser-Greengreen laser module
1SeeLaser-IRinfra-red laser module
1SeeLaser-GreenWidewide-beam green laser module
1SeeLaser-PurpleWidewide-beam purple laser module
2SeeLaser-Redred laser module
1SeeLaser-RedWidewide-beam red laser module
1SeeRGBdigital RGB LED indicator
1SeeUVUV LED indicator
2Switchlow-power relay
1SwitchPowerpower relay
1Valveliquid/gas flow switch
QtyProduct NameDescription
10AdaptCableKitadapter cable
2AuxCableauxiliary input cable
2BreakoutCable-011 m breakout cable
2BreakoutCable-055 m breakout cable
2BreakoutCable2D-011 m 2-input breakout cable
2BreakoutCable3D-011 m 3-input breakout cable
10ExtendCable-011 m extension cable
5ExtendCable-055 m extension cable
10ExtendCable-1010 m extension cable
5ExtendCableD-011 m digital extension cable
5ExtendCableD-1010 m digital extension cable
5ExtendCable2D-011 m 2-input extension cable
5ExtendCable3D-011 m 3-input extension cable
10HackCable-011 m experimentor cable
5HackCable-055 m experimentor cable
5HackCableD-011 m digital experimentor cable
5HackCable2D-011 m 2-input experimentor cable
5HackCable3D-011 m 3-input experimentor cable
5HackPlugsexperimentor plug
1Crimperexperimentor plug crimper
1EncloseDigEnclosure for WiDig with window
1EncloseMiniWearable enclosure for small sensor or actuator
1EncloseSensorEnclosure for sensor or actuator with window
1GlobalAdapter-120112V/1A power supply
2USB-microGlobalAdapterpower supply / charger
2USB-CableExtenderUSB cable extension
QtyProduct NameDescription
5LiveSupport-11 hour live technical support
1ApplicationConsult-55 hours application consulting

For more sensors, actuators or accessories, check our product listing !


The Xplorer comes with downloadable, regularly updated software: host mode configuration Link software (MacOS / Windows), EditorX standalone mode configuration editor , SensePlay multimedia mapping software, Keys keycode/string mapping software, plugins for 3rd party software, as well as manuals and tutorials.

The I-CubeX can easily be used with 3rd party software, such as:

There are many more software and devices that can be used with I-CubeX sensors.


The I-CubeX Xplorer was specifically developed for researchers in academic institutions. We are glad to be able to offer you the I-CubeX Xplorer at a discounted price compared to purchasing all the items separately. This discount is particularly aimed at researchers in Canada who can apply for grants. If you need assistance with understanding how I-CubeX Xplorer would benefit your research so that you can include it in your grant please do not hesitate to contact us - if you explain to us your research objectives we might be able to help you achieve them faster by using the I-CubeX Xplorer.

This page was updated on Wednesday 08 July 2020.
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