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USB-microSystem $184.69US
2 - 6 : $175.46US ( save 5% )
7 - 19 : $166.23US ( save 10% )
20 + : $147.75US ( save 20% )
excl. sales tax

>> USB-microDig || Application info || Technical specs || USB driver download

We invite you to create your own interactive product protoype, responsive display environment, new game controller or alternate musical instrument ! The I-CubeX environment enables you to do just that. It is designed to enable you to use sensors and actuators for controlling multimedia content. It can also be used to obtain sensor data for (scientific) analysis. With the I-CubeX USB-microDig, translate sensor signals with high resolution into MIDI messages that are transmitted through a USB cable and made available through a virtual serial (COM) port. Then, send these messages to data analysis/display software, map them to virtual joysticks for use in gaming software, or, either using the default MIDI encoding or re-mapped as OSC messages using our software, send them to a variety of 3rd party hardware or software devices that perform sound synthesis, graphical animation, video effects, etc.. Voilá  !

What you get

The I-CubeX USB-microSystem includes a USB-microDig sensor/actuator interface (USB powered) and USB microB cable. A free Turn sensor and SeeGreen actuator are also included for demo and test purposes. LiveSupport-1 is included in case you need live help to get started. A variety of software is available from our website to apply the USB-microSystem in your project - please check the USB-microDig page, and browse our resource page for more solutions. Firmware upgrades will be made available at no cost. Here's how to get started.

Please note

  • To configure the USB-microDig, you will need a free USB port on your computer.
  • To use the AUX output if the input/output slot is needed for an analog sensor, get an AuxCable.
  • Use the USB-microMIDICable to connect the USB-microDig, after having configured it in stand-alone mode, directly to your MIDI gear, and power the USB-microDig with either a USB-microGlobalAdapter, a USB-Battery or simply a USB port on your computer.
  • For a thumb-sized wireless version, check out the WiSystem. To capture more of the real world check these sensors !

    Need more info ?

    For more in-depth information, read about the USB-microDig.

    This page was updated on Sunday 31 March 2024.
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