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USB-microMIDICable v1.0 $11.21US
2 - 6 : $10.66US ( save 5% )
7 - 19 : $10.09US ( save 10% )
20 + : $8.97US ( save 20% )
excl. sales tax

This 60 cm (2 ft) cable enables you to send MIDI messages from a USB-microDig with firmware v7.1 or higher directly to MIDI hardware. Configure the USB-microDig by connecting it to a computer with the USB cable that comes with the USB-microDig, then attach the USB-microMIDICable instead and send MIDI messages to MIDI gear. Power the USB-microDig from a USB battery, USB-microGlobalAdapter or USB port on a computer.

Operating instructions

  1. Connect the USB-microDig to a computer with the standard micro-B-to-A USB cable.
  2. Configure the sensor inputs with the EditorX software.
  3. Disable the USB-microDig serial interface in the Connect software.
  4. Run the MIDICable software (64-bit: MacOS / Windows, 32-bit: MacOS (Sierra or lower) / Windows).
  5. Connect the USB-microDig to the MIDICable software by selecting the entry named "SLAB_USBtoUART".
  6. If not enabled, enable the USB-microDig for use with the USB-microMIDICable.
  7. Disconnect the USB-microDig from the computer.
  8. Connect the USB-microDig to the USB-microMIDICable instead of the standard micro-B-to-A USB cable.
  9. Connect the USB plug of the cable to a USB battery, USB-microGlobalAdapter or USB port on a computer. The red LED should be steady on.
  10. Connect the MIDI part of the USB-microMIDICable to the MIDI input of the MIDI hardware device you want to send MIDI messages to.

This page was updated on Friday 02 March 2018.
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