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Valve-100 v1.0 $11.71US
2 - 6 : $11.12US ( save 5% )
7 - 19 : $10.54US ( save 10% )
20 + : $9.37US ( save 20% )
excl. sales tax

A valve that can switch on/off the flow of liquid or air at atmospheric pressures, ie., about 100 kPa. Easily connects with thin consumer home/garden plant irrigation hoses. Requires a GlobalAdapter-1201 and a SwitchPower to switch power on/off to the actuator. Comes with two 10 cm wires with female spade connectors.

Application examples

  1. Route water where and when you need it, eg. control when to water your plants.
  2. Combine with the Wet, Flow, Moist, Hot, Humid, Air and Light sensors together with SwitchPower actuators to control water valves, to create a full-blown irrigation system for your plants.
  3. Can also be used to route steam or other gases as long as they have atmospheric pressure levels.

Technical specifications

Product Valve-100 actuator
Version 1.0 (September 2016)
Actuator type solenoid
Throughput 11 L/min maximum
Pressure approx. 1 bar, 100 kPa, 15 PSI maximum
Hose connector 4.5 mm (outer diameter)
Control power 10 to 12 V DC, 105 mA (coil resistance 114 Ohm)
Dimensions 60 x 37 x 23 mm (2.4 x 1.5 x 0.91 inch)
Mounting no mounting holes
Cable 10 cm (3.9 inch), unshielded, extendable at least 100 m (328 ft)
Connector stripped wire ends, 6.3 mm (0.25 inch) spades
Weight 53 g (1.9 oz), incl. cable
Application notes
  1. Requires 10 to 12 V DC power supply such as the GlobalAdapter-1201.
  2. To switch power to the valve use the SwitchPower. Place the 2 female spades crimped on 10 cm wire on the male spades of the actuator and then connect the wires to the SwitchPower.
  3. The inner diameter of the tube or hose has to be approx. 4 mm to fit tightly onto the valve hose connectors. The tube or hose has to be pushed over the edge around the valve hose connector to prevent leaking and/or sliding off of the hose from the valve connector. Common compatible consumer home/garden plant irrigation hoses are 6 mm outer diameter and 4 mm inner diameter.
  4. Cannot be connected directly to water taps since residential water pressure is too high resulting in the valve being unable to close, and the hose possibly slipping from the valve when the valve is closed.
  5. To connect to a source of water, place the hose in a bucket of water such as the water tank of a toilet which is kept full automatically.

This page was updated on Sunday 05 September 2021.
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