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iCube Max plugin v8.x

For more sensor mapping complexity, use your I-CubeX digitizer with the iCube plugin for Max on MacOS and Windows. The iCube plugin for Max is a software module that facilitates the configuration of a digitizer and processes its sensor data so that it's ready to use in a Max patch. Use Max for free with Max runtime.


07 June 2023: iCube Max plugin v8.30 for MacOS or Windows. For WiDigs with firmware v8.3, 8.2 or 8.1, USB-microDigs with firmware v7.8, 7.7, 7.6 or 7.4, Wi-microDigs with firmware v6.4, microDigs with firmware v5.4 and Digitizers with firmware v4.1.

Check the download archive page for older releases. Not the right solution ? We have more software.

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  • System requirements

    • Max 6.0 or higher for MacOS or Windows.
    • A digitizer with firmware v4.1 or higher, including applicable drivers.

      • The Digitizer requires a MIDI interface with drivers.
      • The USB-microDig requires a USB interface and drivers.
      • The Wi-microDig requires a Bluetooth interface, eg. the BluetoothAdapter, with drivers.
      • The WiDig requires a USB interface and drivers or a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface, with drivers.

    Manuals and tutorials


    • Sync iCube object internal data to the digitizer that's connected.
    • Configure analog as well as digital (I2C) sensors.
    • Output sensor data in physical units of measurement or as the raw data received from the digitizer.
    • Mode-transparent processing of sensor data from digitizer, it works in both host mode and standalone mode.
    • Basic command set for configuring a digitizer in standalone mode.
    • Compatible with all I-CubeX digitizers.
    • Status and error reporting in Max window as well as via message outlet.
    • Sensor data processing: inversion (increasing sensor stimulation results in decreasing output values), thresholds (the sensor values within the specified range are offset and scaled to a desired output range), zooming (set the sensitivity of an input to a specific voltage range), smoothing (reduce noise in the sensor values), noise gate (output values only if they are larger by a desired amount than the previous value).
    • Sensor preset: make use of a standard set of presets to quickly configure an input.
    • Sensor data routing: connect sensors to any desired outlet of iCube, or switch the routing instantaneously.
    • Multiple iCube instantiation support: use multiple instantiations of the Max plugin to achieve maximum modularity of your patches.
    • Multiple digitizer support (support for digitizer device IDs): use up to 126 digitizers in one Max patch.
    • Digitizer version support: digitizer firmware and hardware are checked by iCube and features are made available accordingly.

    Recently added:

    • Compatibility with firmware 8.3.
    • Virtual sensor input - specific application of commands.
    • Support for Apple silicon (M1).

    Known issues

    Please notify us if you encounter a bug or issue.

    • On Windows, iCube v4.1 can be used with Connect v1.45 but Connect may not be fully compatible. We are working on a new version of Connect for Windows to address any issues.

    This page was updated on Wednesday 07 June 2023.
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