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ReachOnD v1.2 $36.45US
2 - 6 : $34.63US ( save 5% )
7 - 19 : $32.81US ( save 10% )
20 + : $29.16US ( save 20% )
excl. sales tax

A sensor with 12 inputs. Will detect the proximity of your hand or multiple fingers (up to 12), even through a thin cover. Use it as a multi-touch button to switch on/off sounds and visual effects. A digital I2C sensor, that outputs cailbrated, high resolution, low-noise signals. Design your own custom control panel with the buttons hidden behind it. For similar single-touch versions, see the ReachOn and ReachMiniOn. Connect larger conductive surfaces, eg. made of tin/alu foil, PCB (printed circuit board) material, conductive rubber, conductive fabric, etc., to any of these sensors to create touch sensitive panels and objects. See the video below. If you need a larger range and want to know the approximate distance of the finger or hand to the sensor try the Reach.

Requires a WiDig running firmware v8.11 or higher, or USB-microDig running firmware v7.61 or higher.

Application examples

  1. Place electrodes right below the surface of the cushions of a couch and capture where somebody sits on the couch. Place electrodes also in the back rest and capture whether the person leans back and where.
  2. Create a giant pin-ball machine game: cover a ball with conductive paint, connect inputs of a ReachOnD to each pin or pole (must be made from electrically conductive material, eg. metal), and let the ball hit the pin .. and trigger the ReachOnD inputs.
  3. Connect each of the ReachOnD inputs to various types of fruits and make a fruity loops controller or drum machine.
  4. Connect ReachOnD inputs to plants or the pots in which they are located and re-create the legendary Interactive Plant Growing installation by Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer.
  5. Create a multi-button user interface by connecting each of the 12 electrodes to a switch that is wired to ground .. or simply to a piece of conductive material that will result in a high sensor input value upon touching.
  6. Create a fancy control panel by combining with Push sensors (Push, Push3D), Reach sensors (Reach, ReachClose), Slide sensors (eg. Slide-50, Slide-200, Slide-500, SlideRound, SlideWide), Touch sensors (Touch, TouchMicro-05 TouchMicro-10, TouchMini, TouchMiniOn, TouchStrip) and Turn sensors to name a few.

Technical specifications

Product ReachOnD sensor
Version 1.2 (November 2023)
Sensing parameter bulk mass, electric field disturbance
Sensing method capacitive sensor
Range dependent on usage
Distance Voltage (use 5 V power supply) 7-bit MIDI value (use 'no processing' editor preset)
far 0 0
near 5.00 127
Power supply 4.75 to 5.25 V DC, ? mA at 5 V
Dimensions 31 x 25 x 8 mm (1.2 x 1.0 x 0.3 inch)
Mounting no mounting holes
Weight 16 g (0.56 oz), incl. cable
Cable 1.0 m (39 inch), shielded, red wire = power, white wire = sensor output, black wire = ground, extendable at least 5 m (16 ft) using ExtendCableD-05 or 4 m (13 ft) with ExtendCableD-01, electrodes: twelve 30 cm (12 inch) 26 AWG wires with female and male 2.54 mm (0.100 inch) plugs.
Connector male 1x4 plug with 3 pins in a row spaced 2.54 mm (0.100 inch)
Software support
  • Our EditorX software allows you to configure the digitizer to process and map the sensor data of multiple sensors simultaneously.
  • Our Link software allows you to receive the sensor data from the digitizer and use your computer to view, calibrate, record, process and map the sensor data of multiple sensors simultaneously.
  • Our SensorX software allows you to receive the sensor data from the digitizer and use your computer to view, calibrate, record, process and map the data of a single sensor.
Application Information
  • Use the included header cables to connect the inputs to surfaces or objects.
  • Attach to other electrically conducting electrodes (pads or objects) to make them sensitive to touch as well through capacitive coupling. Galvanically connect via a single-conductor wire (like used in eg. AdaptCableKit) to other electrically conducting objects to increase sensitivity such that reaching near (but without touching the connected object) is detected.
  • After (re-)connecting a wire or an electrode to an input, turn the sensor off then on, or re-power the sensor by re-plugging it into the input of the digitizer, so that the sensor runs its auto-calibration routine that adjusts it to the attached wires and electrodes.
  • Connect any of the ReachOnD inputs to a TouchMiniOn (version 3 or 4) signal output (white wire) while the power (red) wire of the TouchMiniOn is connected to ground of the digitizer. Any sensor that makes a near-zero electrical resistance contact to ground when activated and a higher resistance contact when not activated, which size of the sensitive surface is small (like the TouchMiniOn) and allows operation without any bulk mass (like your hand or body) getting really close to it, could be used in the same way as the TouchMiniOn, ie. the PushMiniOn and Rock can also be connected to the ReachOnD. The LoungeOn, TapOn and MagneticOn don't work with the ReachOnD.

This page was updated on Tuesday 21 November 2023.
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