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MacOS editor v2.3x (obsolete)

infusionsystems.comes you more freedom to go anywhere with your I-CubeX setup ! Configure the Digitizer or miniDig with the editor and it will remember the settings after power down.


15 April 2004: I-CubeX editor v2.31 (MacOS X)
16 January 2004: I-CubeX editor v2.30 (MacOS 9)

Check the Download page for older releases. A Windows version is also available.

Improvements in this version

Faster display of incoming MIDI data in the progress bar of the sensor window.
More detailed information displayed to the user when the firmware is incorrect.
When the application fails to establish communication with the Digitizer or miniDig, the end user has the possibility of reconfiguring his MIDI connections.
Resetting the Digitizer or miniDig configuration is done faster.

System requirements
Version 2.3 has been confirmed to run properly on MacOS 9 and MacOS X (a G4 is recommended). A Digitizer with firmware v4.1 or miniDig with firmware v4.2 or higher is required.

Installation notes
The default browser has to be set in order to be able to click on links in the news section at the top-right of the editor.

Manuals and tutorials
For the user manual see the integrated help or the PDF.


  • Mapping of sensor values to any MIDI channel voice type message ie. note-on/off, key-pressure, control-change, program-change, after-touch (all 7 bit resolution) or pitch-bend (12 or 10 bit resolution, but only available for 16 sensors - each one on a separate MIDI channel).
  • Sensor data processing: inversion (increasing sensor values result in decreasing MIDI data values), thresholds (the sensor values within the specified range are offset and scaled to the MIDI data output range), zooming (set the sensitivity of an input to a specific voltage range), averaging (reduce noise by averaging over up to 16 sensor values), differentiation (output only the difference between two successive sensor values), peak/dip detection (detect the largest/smallest value of up to 16 sensor values over time and output it, or a preset value), noise gate (output only when the sensor value changes more than a user-set difference from its current value).
  • Gesture recognition: gesture onset detection (through peak or dip detection mapped to e.g. note-on event with velocity value corresponding to peak or dip value), post-onset processing (continuous averaging and/or differentiation, mapped to e.g. after-touch or pitch-bend messages), gesture end detection (sensor value above/below threshold, mapped to e.g. note-off event).
  • Actuator output control (Digitizer only): trigger/toggle (outputs turn on/off with one MIDI message or turn on with one MIDI message and off with the next one), power-up initialization (set the outputs to on/off upon power up), output mapping (outputs respond to note-on/off, control-change or key-pressure messages), threshold (set the MIDI value beyond which the output turns on/off.
  • Configuration editing: MacOS and Windows editors available for stand alone mode to edit, save, load, name and manage Digitizer and miniDig configurations, with MIDI connections testing facility, sensor presets for easy setup, real-time viewing and recording of sensor data to file, and LBNL, a factory reset option allows you to return all Digitizer or miniDig settings to its original settings when it was first shipped to you.
  • Online and integrated help included.

Known bugs

Monitor bar error
The monitor bar at the bottom of each sensor window displays a small slanted green line even when there's no sensor signal.
Fix: n/a.

Screen redraw error
After adding a sensor and subsequently receiving the Digitizer or miniDig configuration it may occur that the workspace is not properly redrawn.
Fix: Move the lower left window corner momentarily with the mouse to initiate a screen redraw.

No sensor icons in minimized window
When minimizing a sensor window it doesn't show the sensor icon.
Fix: n/a

Add sensor while Digitizer disconnected
The editor doesn't check whether the Digitizer or miniDig is connected when adding a sensor. The new sensor window may be preset for configuring a Digitizer or miniDig input for which a sensor window is already present. When deleting a sensor window using Delete sensor, the editor does check whether the Digitizer or miniDig is connected.
Fix: Make sure the Digitizer or miniDig remains connected at all times, and if in doubt use the Send option of the Configure menu to update the Digitizer or miniDig configuration.

This page was updated on Monday 18 December 2006.
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