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VoltD v1.0 $20.42US
2 - 6 : $19.40US ( save 5% )
7 - 19 : $18.37US ( save 10% )
20 + : $16.33US ( save 20% )
excl. sales tax

Looking for that very fine control ? Need to capture with higher resolution than the standard 10-bit inputs of digitizers like the USB-microDig and the WiDig ? Get the VoltD - it captures with 11 to 17 bits resolution. A digital I2C sensor, that outputs calibrated, high resolution, low-noise signals. Compatible with all I-CubeX analog sensors.

Application information

Product VoltD sensor
  1. Capture a voltage between 0 and 5V with very high resolution, lean back, feel accomplished and simply admire technology.
  2. Increase the resolution of another I-CubeX analog sensor from the standard 1024 steps to 2048, 8192 or 32768 steps, or even 131072 steps of 38 microVolt. Zoom in 2, 4 or even 8 times, down to less than 5 microVolt steps, and capture the finest of the subtlest of control.

Manuals The default 11-bit resolution 1x gain setting captures voltages between a 0 - 5V input voltage range with a sampling rate of at most 240 Hz. Increasing the gain decreases the input voltage range. Increasing the resolution also slows down the sampling rate.

  • Our SensePlay software is a very easy way to quickly map sensor data to (sequences of) sounds, images and videos using a drag & drop user interface.
  • Our EditorX software allows you to configure the digitizer to process and map the sensor data of multiple sensors simultaneously.
  • Our Link software allows you to receive the sensor data from the digitizer and use your computer to view, calibrate, record, process and map the sensor data of multiple sensors simultaneously.
  • Our SensorX software allows you to receive the sensor data from the digitizer and use your computer to view, calibrate, record, process and map the data of a single sensor.
Application notes
  1. Make sure the sensor is plugged into the digitizer with the red wire connected to power. Reversing the plug may cause damage to the sensor.
  2. Requires a digitizer with digital (I2C) ports, eg. USB-microDig with firmware v7.63 or higher, or a WiDig with firmware v8.13 or higher.
  3. See pict below for instructions how to connect. The white wire carries the input voltage, whereas the black wire is connected to ground and the red wire carries 5V power.
  4. The default I2C address is 96 (0x60). Both I2C lines have 4.7 kOhm pull-up resistors.
  5. Our software enables you to use most features of this sensor.
  6. For more technical specs, and to find out how to access the sensor data in detail, please consult this datasheet.
  7. To extend the cable, use ExtendCableD-01 and/or ExtendCableD-10.

Technical specifications

Product VoltD sensor
Version 1.0 (September 2021)
Sensing parameter voltage
Sensing method delta-sigma ADC
Input voltage range 0.0 - 5.0 V (at 1x gain setting), 0.0 - 2.5V (at 2x), 0.0 - 1.2V (at 4x), 0.0 - 0.6V (at 8x)
Gain 1, 2, 4 or 8
Noise 1.5 µV (RMS)
Input impedance 250 kOhm (at 1x gain) to 225 kOhm (at 8x gain)
Non-linearity 10 ppm of the full scale range
Sampling resolution 11, 13, 15 or 17
Sampling rate 240 Hz (at 11-bit resolution), 60 Hz (at 13-bit), 15 Hz (at 15-bit), 3.75 Hz (at 17-bit)
Power supply 2.7 to 5.5 V DC, 0.19 mA max
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 6 mm (0.71 x 0.71 x 0.24 inch)
Mounting no mounting holes
Cable 1.0 m (39 inch) shielded, red wire = power, black wire = ground, grey wire = I2C data (SDA), white wire = I2C clock (SCL), extendable at least 20 m (66 ft) with ExtendCableD-10
Weight 12 g (0.42 oz) incl. cable
Connector male 1x4 plug with a row of 4 pins spaced 2.54 mm (0.100 inch)

This page was updated on Saturday 09 December 2023.
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