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iCube Pd plugin v1.x

The iCube external for Pd greatly facilitates use of your I-CubeX digitizer and sensors with Pd, a visual programming environment for MacOS, Windows and Linux. All digitizer host mode functionality can be configured via command messages.


13 Nov 2014: iCube Pd plugin v1.0 (MacOS / Windows / Linux)

Related product: iCube & oCube Max plugins (MacOS / Windows).

System requirements

  • Pd 0.43.4-extended (32-bit, the 64-bit version is not supported) or higher for MacOS, Windows or Linux, all on Intel.
  • A digitizer with firmware v4.1 or higher, including applicable drivers.

    • The Digitizer requires a MIDI interface with drivers.
    • The USB-microDig requires a USB interface and drivers.
    • The Wi-microDig requires a Bluetooth interface, eg. the BluetoothAdapter, with drivers.
    • The WiDig requires a USB interface and drivers or a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface, with drivers.

Manuals and tutorials

  • Unzip the file somewhere you like.
  • Open Pd-Extended on your OS. On Linux you may have to open Pd-Extended with root privileges so you can access the serial port, e.g. by doing $ sudo pd in a shell.
  • The iCube external (iCube.dll for Windows) should be placed in the externals folder (On Windows: C:UsersyournameDocumentsPdexternals). If there is no default path for externals, you need to add the path to the external. On OSX in the top menu go to Pd-Extended | Preferences. On Windows and Linux go to Edit | Preferences. This is where you can add the paths that Pure Data searches for externals. Add the path to the external by clicking on "New...", so on OSX the path should end with "OSX-32bit", on Windows it should end with "windowsxp-i386" and on Linux it should end with "linux-i386". Click "Apply" and then click "OK".
  • Open the iCube-help.pd patch and the object should be instantiated. If something didn't work, there will be a message in the Pd Console that reads "iCube ... couldn't create" or something like that. If that happens, check to see that your paths are correct.
  • Explore the included help patch for details on features, commands and how to use the iCube external with your digitizer.
  • Note that the "0 hostmode" message, which sets the digitizer in host mode (as opposed to stand alone mode which is used with the editor) may be required to use the iCube plugin with your digitizer.


  • Sensor data processing: inversion (increasing sensor stimulation results in decreasing output values), thresholds (the sensor values within the specified range are offset and scaled to a desired output range), zooming (set the sensitivity of an input to a specific voltage range), smoothing (reduce noise in the sensor values), noise gate (output values only if they are larger by a desired amount than the previous value).
  • Sensor preset: make use of a standard set of presets to quickly configure an input.
  • Sensor data routing: connect sensors to any desired output of iCube, or switch the routing instantaneously.
  • Multiple iCube instantiation support: use multiple instantiations of the Pd plugin to achieve maximum modularity of your patches.
  • Multiple digitizer support (support for digitizer device IDs): use up to 126 digitizers in one Pd patch.
  • Auto configuration restore: automatic configuration re-load after a digitizer power cycle.
  • Digitizer version support: digitizer firmware and hardware are checked by iCube and features are made available accordingly.
  • Debugging support: verbose and print functions provide more details of iCube and oCube data processing/status as well as digitizer status.

Known issues

Please notify us if you encounter a bug or issue.

This page was updated on Sunday 04 August 2019.
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