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microSystem (obsolete)

We invite you to create your own interactive product protoype, responsive display environment or alternate musical controller ! The I-CubeX environment enables you to do just that. It is designed to enable you to use sensors for controlling multimedia content. It can also be used to obtain sensor data for (scientific) analysis. With I-CubeX, translate sensor signals with high resolution into MIDI messages. Then, send these messages to data analysis/display software or, since the encoding is MIDI, to a variety of 3rd party hardware or software devices that perform sound synthesis, graphical animation, video effects, etc.. Voilá  !

What you get

The I-CubeX microSystem includes a microDig analog to MIDI interface, a microGlobalAdapter for use world-wide. A free Turn sensor is also included for demo and test purposes. A variety of software is available from our website to apply the microSystem in your project - please check the microDig page, and browse our resource page for more solutions. Firmware upgrades will be made available at no cost. Here's how to get started.

Please note

Please note that to configure the microDig with the editor, you will need a MIDI interface such as the MIDISport 1x1 or MidAir, which allows you to transmit MIDI wirelessly. To use it with a 9V battery instead of the microGlobalAdapter, get the 9VCable. For more inputs and resolution, as well as actuator outputs, check out the System. For a thumb-sized, faster and USB-cabled version (no MIDI interface needed) with actuator outputs, check out the USB-microSystem. For a thumb-sized, faster and wireless version without actuator outputs, check out the Wi-microSystem. To capture more of the real world check these sensors !

Need more info ?

For more in-depth information, read about the microDig.

This page was updated on Tuesday 05 April 2022.
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by Gerard Hovagimyan Date Added: Sunday 02 May 2010
The Microdig needs a power supply thay doesn't come with the product. A 9 volt dc wall power supply ..

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microSystem (obsolete)
The Microdig needs a power supply thay doesn't come with the ..
3 of 5 Stars!
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