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by chiu
Sun Jan 27, 2008 11:42 pm
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Topic: Orient3D sensor problem ( Yaw, Pitch and Roll )
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Orient3D sensor problem ( Yaw, Pitch and Roll )

I had an Orient3D sensor from I-CubeX hoping to get the Yaw in addition to the Pitch and Roll (GForce3D-3 is getting) I get the Yaw, Pitch and Roll using I2C mode as stated in the user manual Heading = arctan( Sx / Sy ) Pitch = arctan( Sx / Sz ) Roll = arctan( Sy / Sz ) so now all 3 angle I am getti...
by chiu
Mon Nov 26, 2007 1:41 pm
Forum: Cube Culture
Topic: Wi-MicroDig connection problem
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Re: Wi-MicroDig connection problem

Also we tried couple methods to reset the board but failed

1) BlueMIDI refused the connection ( fail to connect )

2) In Editor 3.15 – cannot establish a connection so not able to issue any commands - In editor v3.15, when I choose > reset > configuration – software hangs with trying to connect to Wi-mirodig and I have to kill the editor process

3) In MAX/MSP runtime 4.5 – error message “error: serial: error opening serial port ( when click on max patch from )

4) Tried to issue command using DLL C++ API – . function
a. LINK LED timer reset command – ( F0h, 7Dh, 00h, FEh, F7h)
b. MIDI system reset command - ( F0h, 7Dh, 00h, FFh, F7h)
c. MUTE command – (F0h, 7Dh, 00h, 20h, F7h)
d. SET MUTE command - (F0h, 7Dh, 00h, 32h, 01h, F7h)
e. RESET command - ( F0h, 7Dh, 00h, 22h, F7h)
f. CLEAR CONFIG command - ( F0h, 7Dh, 00h, 69h, 01h, F7h)

The Yellow “IN LED” light up continuously. Bluetooth device is found but not able connect. Usually when connection is successful, the blue light will stay on, blue light is not light up at all now.

What we did earlier issue commands to Wi-mirodig using C++ API - . function to send commands in a while(true){ ... } loop