iCubex project with Director or Flash?

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iCubex project with Director or Flash?

Post by tomwebber »

I am creating an interactive video piece, using a reach close sensor, the distance of the viewer to the sensor will be relative to the frame of the video clip.

I was going to use a Quicktime Movie in Director, but was wondering if iCubex would be able to work with Flash instead, as my tutor is able to create the script in Flash, but not sure if it could correspond to the data from the iCubex interface.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you, Tom
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Post by Tech »

Since the i-Cube commincates with software through MIDI messages, you need to find some way to have Flash receive MIDI. After a search for flash and midi, I came across this:

Unfortunately, it's windows only, but it appears to accept MIDI input. Apparently, the author is working on a Mac version. Most of the other ones I found only allow you to send MIDI messages from Flash.

As for interfacing with MIDI in director, there is an extension called xMIDI:
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Flash and Reach

Post by onebitpixel »

Not sure if you resolved this... however we were able to get the Reach device to work with Teleos through the AIN0. Then run the Flash XML Terminal server that comes with Teleos and Flash can recognize the Reach device.

I should clarify that you only need the Reach panel. You don't use the MIDI box.

I've tried other panels like the Reach, but the ones from icubex seem to be the most fluid in response time...
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