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Comment on MacOS editor v3.2x

Posted: Tue Jul 22, 2008 3:02 pm
by Guest
Running OS X 1.5.4 on intel macbook pro

I have had problems running a USB digitizer with a XP emulator running.

When I try to run the editor with XP emulator Vmware Fusion running, I can't connect to the digitizer. In fact even after I quit XP and restart OS X it still won't recognize the digitizer under the editor.

Only until I re-install the editor in OS X does it work normally again. I can't use a stand alone mode with the USB digitizer as I need a virtual midi port.

Is there another way to get a virtual midi port without using the icube x editor? Or a fix for the XP OS X conflict?

Re: Comment on MacOS editor v3.2x

Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 3:19 am
by Guest
Running OSX 10.5.6 on a Macbook pro, the editor can not find my miniDig. All cables are in order, MIDI interface works, all the equipment connects on other computers.

Re: Comment on MacOS editor v3.2x

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:30 am
by andrea gabriele
Running OSX 10.5.7 on a Macbook pro it's a big pain to connect the micro dig to the software...
can't you make it easier??