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open .icu on startup (USB-microDig). How to?

Posted: Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:56 pm
by agustinmaria
Hi, guys. I used iCubeX sensors for almost two years but this is my first post.

We need the editor to automatically run and load the .icu file when WindowsXP starts.

If we drag the Editor´s icon to the startup folder, the program opens but still asks for which config should open (new, file or digitizer).

Is there a way to tell the editor which file (or from digitizer) should open by default? If there´s no way of achieving this, we´re thinking about two options:

1) Saving the mouse clicks with some macro software.
2) Developing an xtra for Director (is this possible and relatively easy with the C++ API? We just need the xtra as a wrapper of the editor.

Thanks a lot,