Belkin bluetooth USB adapter - Communication Drops

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Belkin bluetooth USB adapter - Communication Drops

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Hello to all,

I came across the following problem:

When I'm using Belkin bluetooth USB adapter to increase the reception range, I receive the data fine for the first 10 - 12 min.
Then the bluetooth communication stops. That happens every time.

More details:
1. At first, I plug in the USB adapter and the blue light turns on and flashes slowly.
2. Then, when I establish communication with the wi-micro (using Max Patch) and I receive data fine. The blue light on the adapter flashes much faster and also the blue light on wi-micro is turned on (the red light is is already on).
3. After 12 min the communication drops and the blue light on the USB adapter starts flashing slowly, but the blue light on the wi-micro is still on.
4. Then I have to remove the USB adapter and re-plug it in, in order to start working again.

That problem happens ONLY with the Beklin USB adapter. When I'm using the Wi-micro with the mac book pro's on-board bluetooth I receive data without any problem until the wi-micro's battery runs out.

I don't know if there is an option somewhere that sends to "sleep" the bluetooth USB devices after 10-13 min?
Have you came across anything similar?
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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