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IR SeeLaser-v1 as telemeter (rangefinder) ?

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:07 pm
by lino
As part of an art installation for one visitor at a time in a corridor (corridor = 10m long and 1m wide), I would need a sensor (such telemeter, rangefinder) able to operate on 9 or 10 meters and to transmit in midi the visitors position in the corridor (ie in real time the distance between the visitor and the beginning of the corridor). I work with Pure Data on Mac osx. I would like to know if the "IR SeeLaser-v1. 0" can be used for this purpose. And if so, what components are necessary for its operation (a USB-Microsystems is it enough ? What accessories are necessary or advisable ? Need firmware or editor ?
Thank you (and sorry for my bad English...)