Sensor data to ProTools plug-ins

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Sensor data to ProTools plug-ins

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Hello everyone,

I realise that not many people combine iCube with ProTools.
However, I'm teaching an iCube class this week to a class who know ProTools well.
Next year I'll get them onto Abelton in a different class, but for now it's ProTools.


By using some cc data hacked together by other people who were trying to send non-standard controllers to Protools, I've managed to get control of track volumes, pans, solos and mutes.

I can also control MIDI instruments , as it's a simple right-click MIDI-learn on the functions.


My stumbling block is controlling effect PLUG-IN functions.

I've tried setting up the plug-ins as per normal automation, both separately and together with the Plug-In MAPS that are usually used to control these functions from "supported" controllers - which looks very like a MIDI-learn situation.

It just doesn't work. If it's an instrument track, I can see the sensor MIDI coming into the track , but it doesn't reach the plug-in, which is set to "Learn" Mode.

** Can anyone help ? Hopefully I'm not the only person who's ever tried this, though it would seem I'm the only one who's done so online :)

Here are my setup instructions, so you can see how I've got to where I am : ... ensors.pdf

Any help or advice or leads greatly appreciated!


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