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The Connect software represents devices with a serial port as a MIDI device on the computer. It creates virtual MIDI ports that are named as per the device name. For I-CubeX devices (USB-microDig, Wi-microDig, Wi-miniDig, WiDig), the name is composed of the digitizer type (USB-microDig, Wi-microDig or WiDig) followed by its serial number. It also allows for mapping of the sensor data and actuator controls to / from OSC messages, outputting sensor data to the web for use in IoT (Internet of Things) applications, as well as saving sensor data in a file. 512x512x32.png


Version 1.6.4 for MacOS

Version 1.6.3 for MacOS

Version 1.6.2 for MacOS

Version 1.6.1 for MacOS

Version 1.6.0 for MacOS

Version 1.5.4 for Windows

Version 1.5.3 for Windows

Version 1.5.2 for MacOS

Version 1.5.1 for MacOS

Version 1.5.0 for MacOS

Version 1.4.7 for Windows

Version 1.4.6 for Windows

Version 1.4.5 for Windows

Version 1.4.3 for MacOS

Version 1.4.1 for MacOS

Version 1.4.0 for MacOS

Version 1.3.5 for Windows

Version 1.0.0 for Windows