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Cube Culture: Hyper-trapeze

see the video, read the paper

by Anne Hoekstra and Michael Lyons

The Hyper-trapeze is a new interface for augmenting performance and play on the low flying trapeze. Sensors were used to gauge the motion of the trapeze and performer, mapping the data to control interactive sound and animation. The interface was tested in the context of a new multimedia composition entitled Autumn. I-CubeX sensors used: one Magnetic sensor for motion of trapeze swivel. Two TouchMini sensors, one under each of the two strap support points for sensing strap pressure & therefore distribution of weight support. As the trapeze is pulled in different directions the signals change. The floor harp was implemented with four Wiimotes and two IR sources. All sensor processing was done via Max whereas the audio/visual effects were done in Max and Flash.

2 September 2009

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