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Cube Culture: Roguebot

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by Jim Edmonds et al

With the RogueBot we intend to change the way you think about sound. The RogueBot installation provides an interactive environment that allows you to control the sound you listen (and dance) to. RogueBot's music is generative and reacts to external stimuli captured through video tracking and proximity sensors. The video tracking is also used for augmented reality visuals. Its sensory receptor is an I-CubeX Digitizer, into which the Bots' sensors feed and then are sent onto 'The Thinking Brain' as managable data. The Thinking Brain: A pair of laptops running both MaxMSP and Ableton. MaxMSP enables us to harness the I-CubeX and augmented reality (video) data and manipulate it into manageble and expressive MIDI data. This data is used to trigger sounds and VST's and to alter basic parameters in Ableton Live.

17 September 2009

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