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Cube Culture: iBorg

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by Kim Dylla

The iBorg is a sculptural interactive live video installation featured in the Aunspaugh Fellowship exhibition "Kim Dylla: The Question Concerning Technology" in May 2006 at the Off-Grounds Gallery in Charlottesville, Virginia. An anthropomorphic and absurd commentary on Apple's pervasive aesthetic for new technology, the iBorg captures live video feed from the gallery using the iSight camera, then processes that feed to resemble the multicolor/silhouette iPod commercials. The 'clickwheels', appropriately placed on the chest, change the color of the background and zoom in and out, by sending a MIDI signal to the computer. The installation is run on a Powerbook G4, using the I-CubeX MIDI digitizer and MIDI knobs, and programmed using TroikaTronix's Isadora software.

5 January 2010

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