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I-CubeX sensor control interface for education, research, music, art, dance, multimedia show and entertainment.
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What is Standalone mode ? How many I-CubeX Digitizers can I daisy-chain ? Help, there's MIDI lights blinking but I can't get it working !! ...... for all these questions there must be an answer - here's a bunch of resources to browse and ponder. Or just consult us directly.

General info

  • I-CubeX basics
  • I-CubeX demos
  • I-CubeX software
  • Links to other products to use in conjunction with I-CubeX
  • For some inspiration for your new project, try Cube Culture
  • Get in touch with fellow I-CubeX users in the user forums
  • Digitizers

  • USB-microDig info and firmware reference
  • Wi-microDig info and firmware reference
  • microDig info and firmware reference
  • Digitizer info and firmware reference and installation
  • Digitizer software

  • Editor (MacOS) info
  • Editor (Windows) info
  • Link (MacOS / Windows) info
  • Mapper (Windows) info
  • Sensor manuals

  • BioBeat manual
  • BioEmo manual
  • BioFlex manual
  • BioWave manual
  • MoveAlong manual
  • Orient3D manual
  • Reach manual
  • TouchGlove manual
  • Sensor software

  • BioBeat (MacOS / Windows)
  • BioEmo (MacOS / Windows)
  • BioFlex (MacOS / Windows)
  • BioWave (MacOS / Windows)
  • Hot (MacOS / Windows)
  • MoveAlong (MacOS / Windows)
  • MoveAround (MacOS / Windows)
  • Orient3D (MacOS / Windows)
  • ReachClose (MacOS / Windows)
  • TouchSensors for Touch/-Micro-3/-Micro-5/-Micro-10/-Mini/-Strip (MacOS / Windows)
  • GForce3D-3 (MacOS/Windows)
  • 3rd-party software

  • Use I-CubeX with Max
  • How-To on I-CubeX & Director
  • How-To on I-CubeX & Flash
  • How-To on I-CubeX & Isadora
  • How-To on I-CubeX & Live
  • How-To on I-CubeX & Reason
  • How-To on I-CubeX & Tassman
  • ABM with I-CubeX and Observer
  • Automatically add markers in Observer with I-CubeX
  • Record and add sensor data in Observer with I-CubeX
  • Use I-CubeX with Matlab
  • API and plugin software

  • Max plugins and externals (MacOS / Windows)
  • jMax externals (Linux, Unix or MacOS)
  • digitizer Live plugin v1.11 (MacOS / Windows)
  • digitizer EyesWeb plugin (Windows)
  • C++ API (Windows)
  • C API (MacOS)
  • Misc

  • Info about all obsolete products
  • Product Search

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