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Cube Culture: Tone Home

by Coti

Tone Home is an audiovisual installation by Coti/Voltnoi/Dimitris Haritos at the Cheap Art Gallery in Athens, Greece started on the 20th of March 2003 and will be running till the 13th of April 2003.

The installation consists of a number of house appliances (cooker, fridge, washing machine, fan, table, bed etc) modified to become sound emitters by fitting them with various speakers and sensors.

All audio has been created using NI Reaktor. A PC is running in the background so that visitors can control various aspects of the sound in real time, using the cooker's knobs, a porximity sensor placed on a toy radar on a washing machine, doorbells etc... Infusion Systems' I-Cube-X digitizer was used to interface via midi with the computer.

28 march 2003

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