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Cube Culture: After the hunt

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by AFEW Artists Collaborative: Bill Jenks, Karen Hillier, Mary Saslow, Carol LaFayette

"After the Hunt" is a walk-through, presence sensitive environment exhibited in the Art Gallery at SIGGRAPH 2002 in San Antonio. On zig-zagging clotheslines, stylized garments made of translucent mesh become video screens. The clothing evokes memories - day-of-the-week frilly underwear, a man's pocket handkerchief and boxers .... Viewers enter a darkened space covered with live grass. They move between the lines amid sound and air currents, and their presence accelerates the pacing of sound and imagery -- video and animation plays across the swaying clothing, depicting patterns of animal and human movement in herds, swarms, flocks, and schools. They hear whispers they can almost, but not quite, recognize, mixed with the sounds of animals and insects. The surface of the clothing constantly morphs from colorful, vivid patterns to nearly discernible shadows. At certain locations, a triggered weight sensor (TapTile) creates a natural disaster such as a storm, a fire, a tornado, or an earthquake. The I-CubeX operates the MoveOn (motion) and TapTile (weight) sensors and also switches on fans during the natural disasters that blow the clothing around.

30 November 2002

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