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Cube Culture: Ephemera

by Greg Peterkin

The Ephemera installation is a 3x3m partitioned space, which houses 18 sensor fields controlling, via the I-CubeX, various dynamic triggers and controls of over 100 audio patches being produced in the Eyespine midi studio. Users/visitors are given the opportunity to empower their creative capacities by engaging their body/movements in live music creation. The ephemera engine is very dynamic, with a multitude of sounds being triggered, altered, filtered and effected in real time. It is designed to continually create new and unforeseen soundscapes even after weeks of constant operation. The last exhibition of this installation was held at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia in January 1999. New variations and developments of the Ephemera engine are being devised at Eyespine studios in Adelaide, Australia. Eyespine projects, including ephemera, are aimed at creating improved understanding and engagement, on the part of the listener/user, of both the creative processes in creating music/multimedia and the creative input that every individual's unique perspective naturally applies to any musical experience. Eyespine is also involved in working with a number of Australian dancers/choreographers on new and innovative sensor related projects and other interactive multimedia. Greg Peterkin teaches multimedia and digital audio subjects at the university of South Australia.

19 february 2000

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