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Cube Culture: Totality - G2V

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by 0Hz / Artocracy

0Hz, a collective of experimental sound artists, will be staging a multi-media webcast during and after the eclipse. The webcast will feature video, VLF radio emissions and MIDI files generated by sensor devices aimed at the sun during the entire eclipse. The webcast will begin at the moment of first contact and will carry on until the evening transmitting edited versions of the event and hopefully feeds from europe as they experience their own totalities.

The sensors, video and VLF equipment will be set up in Newlyn, from where the webcast will take place. For the purposes of this event a 'probe ' system will be used comprising heat, light and EMF sensors to monitor and record the fluctuating conditions during the eclipse. This data will be converted to MIDI files which will be used to dictate the playback of VLF and solar radio emission recordings. The MIDI files will be available as part of the webcast and musicians/sound artists are invited to download these files and submit their interpretations back to the artists. A network of video cameras will record the eclipse and provide the visuals for the webcast. A range of lenses and filters will be used to provide breathtaking close up images of the eclipse detailing sunspots and flares. A symphony based on the recordings and data from the eclipse will be released. As well as the follow up CD-Rom, a large part of the material gathered during the eclipse will be used to create an installation in Manchester during late September commissioned by DigitalSummer99. Soundworks submitted by artists based on the MIDI files will go towards a compilation on the Iris Light CD.

28 december 1999

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