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Cube Culture: Electronically expanded ..

by Bob Gluck

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After a year of performing with my eBoard sensor controller (also documented in Cube Culture), I began to explore ways to expand upon the natural sonic characteristics of the sounds of a Turkish lute, the saz, and a traditional Jewish shofar (ram's horn). I use an I-CubeX to control processing using a series of Max / MSP interfaces. Sensors (SlideLong and TouchStrip) are placed on either side of the saz neck, allowing me to simultaneously coordinate control of two or more parameters, with an additional two Slide sensors on the body, used to shape the playback of live and recorded sounds. I hold the shofar with a hand wearing a TouchGlove, which controls parameters relating to various filters. A pedal board is used to shape the mix and toggle between sensor assignments. Works for both instruments feature multi-layered sound collages, interweaving live performance, with and without sound processing, playback of sounds recorded on the fly, and pre-recorded sounds. My goal is to encourage people to listen more deeply to the sounds of the acoustical instruments, and to allow for a complex live performance that involves physical gestures related to performance technique.

Sound samples


30 November 2002

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