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Cube Culture: Live electronic processing

by David Gamper

I'm a composer/performer. I use Max/MSP for live electronic processing of acoustic instruments. Right now, I got the I-CubeX to improve the response and resolution of my foot pedals. I used the hack cables to wire up a box with TRS jacks to plug in footpedals and switches. I want to improve my footpedal rig - each pedal is a Roland EV-5 standard expression type footpedal with a couple of micro switches mounted so I can trigger aspects of my performance interface (programmed in Max) without moving my foot off the pedal. In addition, I'm working on some interactive installation ideas - hence the sensor orders. Currently, my plans include integrating the higher resolution capabilites if the I-CubeX's A/D for control of MSP functionality. I'm also working towards integrating more of the sound processing into MSP and a performance system using only a PowerBook, multichannel sound card (Magma PCI expansion box still needed at this time sadly) and the I-CubeX with pedals and sensors.

Here are a few sites about what I do:


12 feburary 2000

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