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What's New?
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11 Dec 2006
About new sensors
There's a whole slew of new sensors (and still more new ones to come !). Check out the new Spin2D-500 two-dimensional angular velocity or gyro sensor. There's a new ultrasonic, but ultrasilent distance sensor - the Advance-645, compare with the FarReach. There is a new acceleration sensor - the GForce3D-3, compare it with its brothers GForce2D-2 and GForce3D-35. Then there are new (and improved !) TouchMicro-3 and TouchMicro-10 sensors - compare them with the TouchMicro-5. The Spin sensor is now called the Turn&Spin, because it's really all that (and more .. ).

09 Aug 2006
Need consulting ?
Need consulting support for your interactive application ? If you are designing an interactive exhibit for a museum or science center, if you are a product designer developing an interactive tool or toy, if you are a researcher requiring an ingenuous sensing solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We can set you up with one of our in-house consultants or forward you to one of our many expert contacts.

08 Aug 2006
The I-CubeX roadshow
We were on the road this year at:

  • SIGGraph (30 July - 3 August, Boston, USA - booth 2518)
  • TiLE (20 - 22 June, Maastricht, Netherlands)
  • ecsite (8 - 10 June, Brussels, Belgium)
  • NIME/Agora/Resonances (5 - 11 June, Paris, France - booth 1)
  • ACSM (30 May - 3 June, Denver, USA - booth 340)
  • CASC (25 - 27 May, Ottawa, Canada - booth 18)
  • AAM (27 April - 1 May, Boston, USA)
  • CHI (24 - 27 April, Montreal, Canada - booth J)
  • NSTA (6 - 8 April, Los Angeles, USA - booth 526)
See more details here. Future events to be announced !

01 Jun 2006
We have now miniaturized our digitizers to thumb-size devices. See the Wi-microDig and microDig to believe it !

12 May 2006
More videos
We are putting more and more videos about our sensors and how to use them online. Latest addition: the Hyper Guitar. Learn how to emulate Lev Termen's famous Theremin instrument here. And oh yeah, if you're new to all this, here's how to get started.

09 Feb 2006
Bang, Loud, Vibe
We have three new sensors in our collection. The Bang, the Loud and the Vibe. We think you'll have fun trying and applying them.

04 Dec 2005
New editors
Earlier in October we posted new I-CubeX editors (v2.55, which fixes some peculiar bugs, improves some minor user interface aspects and adds the somewhat obscure but bandwidth optimizing MIDI running status feature), but the save function was disabled ! Our apologies and herewith a fully functioning MacOS and Windows version (v2.55a).

03 Dec 2005
New products
For your information, the Orient and Magnetic have been entirely re-designed, while the Push2D has been improved. We'll very soon add three completely new, very cool sensors, so check again in a few weeks ! Also note that we've added information to each product about the length of extension cables it can tolerate and in what power supply range it will still operate (useful if you're looking to use our sensors with 3.3 V ultra-low power supplies).
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