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23 Aug 2005
Cube Culture forum
Hi and welcome to the Cube Culture forum (formerly known as the Cube Culture mailing list) ! Post here messages to contact fellow I-Cubists, resolve technical issues (our tech support is online too of course), discuss new project ideas, suggest product improvements etc.

05 Jul 2005
Wireless, now !
As of today, for a limited time period, the Wi-miniSystem is very attractively priced at only US$599 (regular price: $879, so that's a savings of $280 ... ). If you wanted to go wireless with your sensors, now is the time. Give it a try !

13 Jun 2005
Going live ... !
We are putting online all kinds of videos showing how you could use our products. It's great fun to show you the versatile nature of the I-CubeX product line. Here, check this one out.

08 Apr 2005
Reach to Spin
It's spring, so time for some news. The Reach has been significantly revised with new technology into the Reach v3.0. For those into experimentation, you can use it to make any object sensitive to reach gestures. Then, following your feedback, we've come up with a new sensor, the Spin. It's like a Turn sensor on steroids.

21 Jan 2005
Get started for US$299
We now have available a package for those who want to get started with the I-CubeX. Discover how to create a Theremin-alike MIDI controller that turns your mere handwaving into soundeffects. Extend your guitar with a touchsensitive pad to tweak your strumming. Build a physical control surface for your favourite MIDI software. Order all this now for only US$299 !

09 Dec 2004
New editors
We have posted new MacOS and Windows editors for your wonderful I-CubeX environment ! We're modest about these new editors, so we've just inched it forward to v2.52, but the improvements are significant because it includes support for all of the Digitizer, miniDig and (Bluetooth !) Wi-miniDig devices, and handles MIDI interface device changes much better. But do read the included manual (in PDF) because there's lots to know.

03 Dec 2004
Stay in touch
Especially for those outside of North America where we have our toll-free line, we've created a toll-free Skype account "ICubeX" (or "icubex"). Skype is a voice over IP telephony system that's really easy to install and use, and doesn't cost anything ! You just need an internet connection. Feel free to contact us there !

31 Oct 2004
WMD day
Finally, Infusion Systems has its WMDs. That is to say, Wi-miniDigs ! They're even cuter than the miniDigs we just launched a couple of months back. And the fact that they're wireless is just too cool. We know that so many of our customers have been waiting for this, so here's to your patience. Finally you can make your wireless sensor networks ! Take a look for yourself here !
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