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09 Dec 2004
New editors
We have posted new MacOS and Windows editors for your wonderful I-CubeX environment ! We're modest about these new editors, so we've just inched it forward to v2.52, but the improvements are significant because it includes support for all of the Digitizer, miniDig and (Bluetooth !) Wi-miniDig devices, and handles MIDI interface device changes much better. But do read the included manual (in PDF) because there's lots to know.

03 Dec 2004
Stay in touch
Especially for those outside of North America where we have our toll-free line, we've created a toll-free Skype account "ICubeX" (or "icubex"). Skype is a voice over IP telephony system that's really easy to install and use, and doesn't cost anything ! You just need an internet connection. Feel free to contact us there !

31 Oct 2004
WMD day
Finally, Infusion Systems has its WMDs. That is to say, Wi-miniDigs ! They're even cuter than the miniDigs we just launched a couple of months back. And the fact that they're wireless is just too cool. We know that so many of our customers have been waiting for this, so here's to your patience. Finally you can make your wireless sensor networks ! Take a look for yourself here !

11 Aug 2004
We are at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles showing off something so cool we actually are a little confused that we were able to pull this off. Look, what would you do if you suddenly can transmit sensor data wirelessly with latencies so low you can't perceive them ? We quickly put together a demo of a Touch controlling a conga sound sample, the playback speed of which is controlled by the amount of force applied. We walked away from our booth for about 50 meters orso and found it was all still working perfectly. It's like carrying and playing a conga with you, with a microphone mounted on it and a PA reinforcing the sound ! Anyways, it's all made possible by the Wi-miniDig, the Bluetooth (wireless) version of the miniDig. The Wi-miniDig is the key component for your wireless sensor network.

03 Aug 2004
New website
We've finally launched into a new look, a new feel ! Our virtual store, I-CubeX.com, really needed a paintjob. And that's not all, because the order process has been improved significantly, we think. We apologize for any inconvenience during this transition, so please bear with us. And by all means, let us know your comments !

01 Jul 2004
Live Support
For those customers needing technical support urgently, we are glad to make live, immediate technical support by phone available, even though we have to make it available for a fee given our limited resources. Call us or check here if you're interested and want to find out more.

01 Jun 2004
SIGGRAPH 2004 is coming up (10-12 August) and we are going to be joining the party. Please look us up at booth #961 to check out the latest I-CubeX developments. Bring your wallet because you'll want to take advantage of our SIGGRAPH specials !!

27 May 2004
t's another exiting day for the I-CubeX family of products !! We have posted preliminary data about the miniDig, the successor to our venerable Digitizer that fits in the palm of your hand with 8 10-bit inputs. We expect to have the miniDig available for sale as of July 2004. A Bluetooth-based wireless version of the miniDig will be available soon after too !
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