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SensePlay (MacOS/Windows)

The SensePlay software is a quick and easy way to setup audio, video or slide shows controlled by gestures and other movements captured with sensors.

Go to the SensePlay website to see how the SensePlay software, together with I-CubeX sensors, was used for an interactive advertising installation.


14 Oct 2014: SensePlay v0.64 for MacOS or Windows.

Please note that the posted zip file of a released version may be replaced by a newer file without notice, ie. without the newer file being tagged as a new version. If you encounter any issues with the software, please check back here to see if a newer file (ie. same version but dated more recently) than the one you are using is available.

Check the download archive page for older releases. Not the right solution ? We have more software.

System requirements

Installation and user manuals, tutorials and tips

  • See this video for a quick overview of the software's features.
  • USB-microDig quickstart documentation can be found on its product page.
  • Wi-microDig quickstart documentation can be found on its product page.
  • Wrt. the Wi-microDig, see also Apple's Bluetooth FAQ.
  • Multiple instances of SensePlay can run on one computer if started from within their own folder. This enables the use of multiple digitizers.


  • Map sensor values to start or stop an audio file, or control its volume.
  • Map sensor values to start or stop a video file, or control its audio volume.
  • Map sensor values to start or stop a complete slide show, or advance one slide only.
  • Sensor data processing: inversion (increasing sensor values result in decreasing data values), zooming (set the sensitivity of an input to a specific voltage range), threshold detection (an event is triggered if the sensor value crosses below or above a set value).
  • Configuration management: (auto)save and open configurations.

Recently added:

  • See above !

Known issues

Please notify us if you encounter a bug or issue.

  • For correct operation, please make sure your digitizer's identifying numbers are correctly stored in the digitizer. They are shown on the label on the bottom of the digitizer.
    Use Reset_myDig (MacOS 64bit / Windows 64bit, MacOS 32bit / Windows 32bit) to restore these numbers as per the label (except for the firmware number if it was updated).

This page was updated on Thursday 06 December 2018.
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