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Cube Culture: Hypermedia studio

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Fabian Wagmister, Robert Rosen, Vivian Sobchack, et al.

We propose the establishment of an experimental production studio for research in the area of interactive, performance-based, hypermedia content for both location based applications (media/performance/installation events) and distributed based applications (television, internet and dedicated networks).

This creative production environment will incorporate and integrate computer sensing, multimedia databases, hypervideo streaming, advanced imaging capabilities and show control technologies in order to be responsive to real-time creation and viewing variables. Interactivity, in this context, is define as a set of complex real-time relationships between the script, the creative team (performers, director, and others), the production environment, a multimedia database, and the spectators (local and/or remote). Final content and its audio-visual, performance,
and narrative characteristics are the result of all these intersecting variables as sensed, processed and managed by a complex digital infrastructure.


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