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The I-CubeX product line comprises a set of tools for anyone needing to instrument people, animals, objects and spaces with sensors and (wirelessly) obtain measurement data for analysis and/or control. With more than 10 years of experience in real-time sensor data gathering, I-CubeX is renowned for its ease of use, its variety of sensors and its robustness. It is widely used as a tool for prototyping, experimentation, research and teaching.

In science, use I-CubeX to obtain human performance data, study animal and human responses to environments that change depending on the sensor data or use it to teach scientific laws.
In engineering, use I-CubeX to develop prototypes of interactive products, create innovative control surfaces enabling new ways to interact with multimedia or use it to guide students in the field of sensor technology.
In the arts, create a responsive environment, build an alternate musical controller, develop novel interactive media pieces or use it to teach about interactive art.

The I-CubeX environment enables you to do all that. It is designed to enable you to use sensors for data measurement and/or controlling multimedia content. With the I-CubeX, use its wide variety of sensors in your measurement or control application and translate sensor signals with high resolution into digital messages that can be transmitted wirelessly and in real-time to a computer. These messages are easily analysed with (scientific) data processing software. If you're looking for control or interactivity, send these messages to a variety of devices and/or software programs that control sound synthesis, graphical animation, video effects, etc.. Voilà !

Read more about applications of I-CubeX:

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