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Cube Culture: Telepresence lounge

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by Sachin Anshuman, Jennifer Leinweber
Department of Architecture
University of Edinburgh, UK

Drawing on the lines of 'Dwelling' and 'Being', the telepresence lounge develops a set of inflatable chairs connected via the WWW. The chairs record and track human gestural data, such as one's position, pressure, movements etc.. and transmit the data over the web to another chair where the MIDI data is represented in a dynamic visual form and projected over the surface of the chair. We are using the Touch sensors on the surface of the chairs and Director-8 multi-user technology. Depending upon different values sent by the sensors we are programming Director-8 to perform various audio-visual tasks in real- time. We are trying to accomplish abstract gestural communication that lacks today over the conventional web-based conversational tools. The I-CubeX has proved to be one of the greatest things we've ever learned during the course. 

 15 january 2002

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