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Cube Culture: icube

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Paul Barton-Davis
Linux Audio Systems, USA

I am primarily a developer of open source software for audio+MIDI work under Linux, but I also dabble in experimental composition and sound sculpting. I have two closely related projects with the I-CubeX: the MIDI Stick, which is a custom-designed control surface for controlling MIDI sound sources, and "icube", a editor and sensor mapper for Linux. "icube" can do several kinds of mappings that Infusion's own software does not, and it also can map a single sensor to a variety of different MIDI data streams. The MIDI Stick (when finished) will have 4 Turn, 4 Touch, 4 MiniTouch, and 2 Slide sensors, along with an area to "tap" a DataGlove. The digitizer is mounted to the back of the MIDI Stick, and the whole instrument can be played somewhat like a guitar or one of the portable "synth axes" that were popular for an instant in the 1970's and early 1980's.

7 september 2000

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