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Cube Culture: Integrating Digital Media

by Cindy Dalgleish

I wanted to work with installation but did not want it to be about approaching a machine that does something, as I believe this interferes with work and either creates a techno fascination or complete techno fear. It also had to be without any obvious sign that a computer is delivering the experience. I definitely wanted to deliver a piece that interrupted a space with multi-media work that would be intrusive and change the sensation of a usually stagnant and public space. I feel strongly also that high conceptual language is not appropriate here, as I want it to be a direct immediate interference. I like working with response and playing with identity and the idea of personal space and the intrusion of that space.

Using a light sensor mounted on a motor, have the angle of the motor and changes in light fed into a Director environment via MIDI to the I-CubeX. Create a 3D-entity representation that will seem to be intelligent but will simply be tracking the changes in light and therefore appear to be looking in the direction of the individual/s. If the inputs/changes become to many the projected entities will use the measurement to graphically show the use of the space until it is empty enough again to have affect on the individual/s.


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