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BioFlex-50 v1.1 (obsolete)

Measure your muscle power. Perform "6 million dollar" bionic music. Developed by the inventors of the renowned BioMuse, this sensor measures the EMG of your arms and legs. Includes notch filter to reduce 50 Hz power grid noise for users in Europe, Australia, .. . Here is the 60 Hz version. See this videoclip for a demo ! Here is the user guide. Use the BioFlex with a wireless Wi-microSystem in all cases to operate conveniently without tether and ensure electrically safe operation (see application notes below).

Application examples

  1. Combines perfectly with the BioBeat, BioWave and BioEmo. Become zen and still perform.
  2. Add intensity to your musical performance by tweaking your sound through muscle tension and more body physiology. Link dance to audio-visual expression.
  3. For whole-body expression go bodysuit, capture all your joints' movements and express with all your extremities. Combine with BendMicro, BendMini and BendShort sensors from finger to toe. Add a GForce3D-3 on your feet and hands to capture kicks and punches. A Hot will keep you in check of your body temp. Top it all off with a TouchGlove on both hands to always be able to touch-control your performance, even when you're doing a handstand.

Technical specifications

Product BioFlex-50 sensor
Version 1.1 (September 2007)
Sensing parameter skin surface voltage
Sensing method Bipolar voltage measurement
Gain 1000
Bandwidth 1 – 200 Hz with 50 Hz notch filter (indicated by a black dot on the left of the board end of the unit)
Power supply 4.75 to 5.25 V DC, 5 mA max
Sensor dimensions 75 x 26 x 13 mm (3.0 x 1.0 x 0.50 inch), electrode distance 16 mm (0.63 inch), total strap length 41 cm (16 inch)
Weight 50 g. (1.8 oz) incl. cable and strap
Cable 0.82 m (32 inch) shielded, red wire = power, black wire = ground, white wire = signal, maximum extension 30 m (98 ft)
Connector male plug with a row of 3 pins spaced 2.54 mm (0.100 inch)
Software support
  1. Max5: Biosensor patches v1.3
  2. Max4: BioFlex patch v1.11 (runtime version of this patch, using Bluetooth serial port), and v1.03 (using BlueMIDI)
Application notes The BioFlex sensor is to be used only with extreme caution according to the following instructions. It is intended for research purposes only and not intended for use in any clinical medical practice whatsoever.
  1. The BioFlex sensor must only be plugged into a battery powered, wireless I-CubeX digitizer (eg. the Wi-microDig or Wi-miniDig) manufactured by Infusion Systems and not any other digitizer.
  2. The BioFlex sensor must only be connected as shown in the diagram on the wireless digitizer.
  3. The wireless digitizer used with the BioFlex sensor must only be powered by a common 9V battery as used in consumer goods or an I-CubeX BatteryPack.
  4. Only I-CubeX sensors may be connected to the wireless digitizer that is used for interfacing the BioFlex.
  5. When using the BioFlex sensor, I-CubeX products may not be connected in any way to the electrical power grid or any other high voltage source.
Any violation of these instructions nullifies any warranty (express or implied) and nullifies any liability or culpability (express or implied) of Infusion Systems Ltd.. Any violation of these instructions can result in electrocution, severe injury, or even death.

Using the sensor with the Wi-microSystem not only ensures electrically safe operation but also enables you to use the sensor without being tethered to your computer or MIDI device.

For detailed information on how to apply and use the BioFlex sensor please consult the user guide.

This page was updated on Wednesday 11 November 2015.
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