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MoveAlong v1.0 (obsolete)

Detects movement direction and speed, from a stroll to a sprint, within a range of 5 m (16 ft). Be there not or be I-CubeX-ed. Can also be used to count the number of people passing by. Has both analog and digital I2C (for more precision) outputs. View the sensor data using our MoveAlong software (see below). Need more detail ? Try the MoveAround. If you just need to know if there's somebody moving or not in a room, try the MoveOn.

Application examples

  1. Use for detecting the number, direction and speed of visitors passing by an exhibit or through a walkway.
  2. Combine with a TapTiled floor, some Advance-645 and/or ReachClose sensors and make sure every move of your visitor has an effect. Perhaps the TouchStripOn is useful for additional coverage on walls. The Flash + SeeLaser combo allows you to implement break-beams that could indicate borders or thresholds.

Technical specifications

Product MoveAlong sensor
Version 1.0 (July 2009)
Sensing parameter direction and angular speed of heat emitting object
Sensing method infrared (micrometer spectrum) differential
Active volume 0.5 - 5.0 m (1.6 - 16 ft) within 22 ° angle
Range 10 - 511 °/s
Resolution 1 °/s
Response time 50 ms (10 to 90%)
Angular speed Walk speed Voltage (use 5 V power supply) 7-bit MIDI value (use 'no processing' editor preset)
-512 °/s sprint 0.00 0
-262 °/s run 0.80 20
-156 °/s march 1.15 29
-94 °/s walk 1.35 34
-47 °/s stroll 1.50 38
0 °/s stand 1.65 42
+46 °/s stroll 1.80 46
+93 °/s walk 1.95 50
+155 °/s march 2.15 55
+263 °/s run 2.50 64
+511 °/s sprint 3.30 84
Power supply 4.75 to 12 V DC, 12 mA
Sensor dimensions 56 x 47 x 20 mm (2.2 x 1.8 x 0.79 inch)
Weight 30 g (1.1 oz), incl. cable
Cable 1.0 m (39 inch), shielded, red wire = power, thick black wire = ground, grey wire = sensor analog output 1 or I2C data, white wire = I2C clock, maximum extension n/a m (n/a ft)
Connector male plug with 4 pins in two rows spaced 2.54 mm (0.100 inch)
Software support

  1. 17 Jun 2017: MoveAlong v3.10 for MacOS and Windows from source code in Max. For multiple sensors or sensor outputs, run multiple instances of the application, each started in its own folder. Requires a digitizer with firmware v6.2, v7.2 or v7.3. Use together with Connect (MacOS / Windows).
  2. 07 Dec 2014: MoveAlong v2.00 for MacOS and Windows (64bit, contact us for the 32bit version) from source code in Max. Use together with Connect (MacOS / Windows) or BlueMIDI (Windows).
  3. 08 Dec 2010: MoveAlong v1.21 for MacOS and Windows from source code in Max.

Application notes
  1. Please read the MoveAlong technical documentation.
  2. Make sure the sensor is plugged into the digitizer with the red wire connected to power. Reversing the plug may cause damage to the sensor.
  3. The MoveAlong sensor needs at least 25 seconds before it is ready for stable operation.
  4. Facing the sensor with the cable pointing down, movement to the right results in a positive output value, and movement to the left results in a negative output value.
  5. Best results are obtained if the sensor is placed at a distance of 1 meter of the person passing by.
  6. The sensor is not suited for environments with rapid temperature changes due to wind, heating devices or air conditioners, nor will the unit work well in environments with shocks and vibrations or environments with sunlight or other intense light aimed directly at the sensor.
  7. The default I2C address is 1 (0x01). Both I2C lines have pull-up resistors.

This page was updated on Monday 16 October 2017.
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