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Link (MacOS/Windows)

Use any of the I-CubeX digitizers with our Link software. A quick and easy way to connect, configure, analyse, view, process, map and route your sensors, and save the settings on your computer. Link operates and configures your digitizer in host mode, which means that the digitizer only sends raw sensor data and all processing is done on the computer the digitizer is connected to, and all settings must be saved on the computer. To operate and configure a digitizer in standalone mode so that all processing is done by the digitizer, use EditorX.


06 Jun 2023: Link v1.47 for MacOS or Windows. For WiDigs with firmware v8.3, 8.2 or 8.1, USB-microDigs with firmware v7.8, 7.7, 7.6 or 7.4, Wi-microDigs with firmware v6.4 and microDigs with firmware v5.4. A Digitizer with firmware v4.1 can also be used but only its first 8 inputs can be configured.

Please note that the posted zip file of a released version may be replaced by a newer file without notice, ie. without the newer file being tagged as a new version. If you encounter any issues with the software, please check back here to see if a newer file (ie. same version but dated more recently) than the one you are using is available.

Check the download archive page for older releases. Not the right solution ? We have more software.

System requirements

Installation and user manuals, tutorials and tips

Link v1.4

  • Please read the Link support wiki.
  • On Windows, it is necessary that Connect has created virtual MIDI ports for the connected digitizers BEFORE starting Link. Also, note that Connect needs the LoopMIDI virtual MIDI port software.


  • Analysis: apply calibration and view sensor data in a graphical plot.
  • Mapping: map sensor values to OSC and MIDI channel voice type message ie. note-on/off, control-change (all 7 bit resolution).
  • Sensor data processing: inversion (increasing sensor values result in decreasing OSC/MIDI data values), ranging (the sensor values within the specified range are offset and scaled to the OSC/MIDI data output range), zooming (set the sensitivity of an input to a specific voltage range), absolute value (relative to a mid point value), thresholds in both directions (up and down), hold for peak/dip (detect the largest/smallest value within a short time period and output it), output ranging (map to a limited output range only).
  • Actuator output control (USB-microDig, with any firmware, and Wi-microDig with firmware v6.3 only).
  • Configuration management: (auto)save and open configurations, load last-used settings.

Recently added/fixed/updated:

  • Support for Apple silicon.
  • Calibration and plotting.
  • Auto-loading of a configuration.
  • Workspace saving.
  • User interface enhancements.

Known issues

Please notify us if you encounter a bug or issue.

  • If your digitizer's identifying numbers are incorrectly stored in the digitizer, the software may show unexpected behaviour. The label numbers are shown on the bottom of the digitizer. Use ResetDig to restore these numbers as per the label (except for the firmware number if it was updated).
  • Link v1.46: actuators are not fully supported for WiDigs with firmware v8.2 and USB-microDigs with firmware v7.7. Use EditorX to use/configure actuators with these digitizers.
  • The millisecond time scale of the graphical plotting feature may not be accurate when multiple plots are opened and/or when processing is enabled for one or more inputs. Increasing the digitizer's sampling interval may help resolve this issue.
  • When running on MacOS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), the operating system may claim that the application is not coming from Apple's App store and is hence not allowed to run on the computer. To resolve this you need to "Allow applications downloaded from anywhere" in the System Preferences.

This page was updated on Tuesday 16 January 2024.
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