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Wearability v1.0 $3.91US
2 - 6 : $3.71US ( save 5% )
7 - 19 : $3.52US ( save 10% )
20 + : $3.12US ( save 20% )
excl. sales tax

Wearability will enable you to mount sensors like the GForce3D or Orient3D, as well as a Wi-microDig, on your wrist, arm, leg, feet, head, chest, etc.. Stick a piece of the adhesive-backed velcro on the sensor, then attach the sensor to the flexible band of velcro that will stay put on your body due to the constant tension - regular non-flexible velcro straps won't stay put ! Use multiple Wearability bands stuck together to wrap around larger limbs, your head or your chest. You can also use the Wearbility band to route and secure cables on your body. Need another size, width, length ? Ask us !

Technical specifications

Product Wearability
Version 1.0 (October 2014)
Components flexible velcro band: 30 x 5 cm
adhesive velcro hook strip: 20 x 2 cm

This page was updated on Saturday 19 September 2020.
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