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The preferences menu provides a few options that apply to the overall operation and function of Connect.

Check for updates, when checked, enables Connect to contact the Infusion Systems website to check if there is a newer version of Connect or a newer version of the firmware for any of the devices that are in the device list. The update check is performed upon startup and then once every week while Connect stays running.

Check for USB-microDig driver on start, when checked, verifies that the USB-microDig driver is installed and if not shows an alert to download the driver.

Delete MIDI port upon disable, is by default unchecked. It sets Connect to keep the MIDI port that's associated with a digitizer, registered in MacOS even though the digitizer may not be connected to it. This feature prevents software, like Cycling74 Max, that does not dynamically update the available MIDI ports, from malfunctioning due to failed MIDI port searches.

Enable OSC input on Port ...., enables control of actuator outputs of a digitizer. If OSC messages are sent to localhost ( to the port number specified and match (case insensitive) the format /<digitizer_name>/<output_name> <set_value>, where digitizer_name is the name of a connected digitizer, and set_value is in {.. -128, 0 .. 127, 128 .. }, the set_value will be mapped to a SET OUTPUT message such that the values 0 .. 127 enable pulse width modulation and -128 (or less) turns the output off while 128 (or more) turns it on. The latter two states can also be realized by sending a set_value of "on" or "off" (case insensitive). For example, "/USB-microDig_0123/Output_01 64" will set the actuator output to output a pulse with width that's half of the configured range, so in case of the default PWM configuration (ie. 1 ms range, from 1 to 2 ms) that would be 1.5 ms.

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To start Connect automatically whenever you login to your account on your computer, add Connect as a Login Item in Users & Groups in the Systems Preferences.