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I-CubeX sensor control interface for education, research, music, art, dance, multimedia show and entertainment.
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What's New?

14 Jan 2015
We have released an openFrameworks addon to interface sensors directly with your openFrameworks application, which also embeds a C++ API for talking to I-CubeX digitizers directly if you have your own serial/MIDI interface code. The addon has been tested with Windows, MacOS, iOS (on iPad 4), Linux (Ubuntu and on Raspberry Pi), and Android (on Galaxy Note 8.0 and Nexus 4). Try the example applications and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions. Happy Creative Coding!

04 Jan 2015
Twenty - that's the magical number for us in 2015. Yes, it's been 20 years since I-CubeX was conceived. In the early winter months of 1995 first steps were taken to create the iCube System, as it was called then. An earlier version of the System with a couple of sensors included. It was officially launched shortly after the incorporation of Infusion Systems on 16 November 1995.

So, we're celebrating and want you to feel that too ! We're still working out various plans, but for starters we've re-examined prices across the board and added a 20% discount rate when purchasing in quantity 20. Makes sense, right ? Want to get 20% off for just one ? Buy it on the 20th of the month ! No kidding.

19 Dec 2014
For analog sensors, we've created SensorX, which allows you to calibrate the sensor data and map it to MIDI or OSC messages, view it in a plot and/or record it to a file for further analysis. Calibration information is included for the ReachClose, ReachFar, Touch, TouchMicro-03, TouchMicro-05, TouchMicro-10, TouchMini and TouchStrip sensors. We'll add calibration files for other sensors soon !

09 Dec 2014
Missing DLLs
We recently discovered some issues with missing DLLs on Windows. This concerned the BlueMIDI app and the 64-bit version of our Max externals (iCube & oCube, iCalibrate, iFilter) and consequently all our applications built with these externals. We've posted new release packages (see our download page) that resolve these DLL issues.

13 Nov 2014
Pd plugin
We're pleased to announce iCube for Pd v1.0. The Pd version of the iCube object is identical in functionality to iCube for Max v3.1. Pure data, abbreviated as Pd, is a graphical programming environment like Max, but it is open source and free, and runs on MacOS, Windows as well as Linux.

14 Oct 2014
The SensePlay software is a quick and easy way to setup audio, video or slide shows controlled by gestures and other movements captured with I-CubeX sensors. Go to sense-play.com to see how the SensePlay software was used for an interactive advertising installation !
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